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Immigration Topic1 greencard for parents I-485 interview HELP!!!

greencard for parents I-485 interview HELP!!!

Hi guys,

I found this board while I was feverishly searching answers for my questions today.

I filed I-485 for both my parents in early April. We received interview letters yesterday. But somehow, my parents interviews are set at separate times. One on July 13th, 10:15AM, the other on July 13th, 10:45AM.

Here are my questions:
1. Is that normal? I thought they would be interviewed together, since I sent out application for them in one package.
2. My parents do not speak English. I will have to translate for them. Do you guys think I will have enough time to accompany one first, and then come out to the lobby and accompany the other? Is it possible I request them to be interviewed together, or assign to the same officer when we arrive there on July 13th?
3. I have a 5-month old. Can I bring my baby? No one will be watching him, since we are all going to the immigration place.

Thank you all!

They are probably interviews with the same officer one after the other. The Officer might take them together, its up to the officer.

Get a babysitter.